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If not, we are here to help and educate.

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Valadator Address: bcnavaloper1ek4mkjds0wxle4937ccy38hp4rwxlfp6ghq53x
A way to invest, decentralized style. So come join us.
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Thriving to bring you the Best Rates, we estimate above 35% APY.
The base rates fluctuate depending on the number of stakers, so use more resources to decide.
Stake part of your funds and grow with us as we secure the network. We are just glad that you are staking, even if it is not with us.

If you are enjoying your returns or want to buy us a drink, you can donate BCNA to our wallet.
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Education is the key, we support the movements at Open Book Extracts and The Botanist (Greenleaf) into the Heartland. Hopefully, we can be a resource as a community member.


Our Mission

Invest or Stake in Crypto. While this is not for everyone, our mission is to help those who want to get involved in a defi way. Focusing on ways to collaborate as a community and not just individuals.















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What's the difference between Custodial and Non-Custodial

The world needs custodial wallet. If you don't know your bank account number, can you still access you bank account? Ofcourse! The bank knows you as a customer. The same is true for custodial wallets because you have an account that is manage by someone else. The benefit is if you loose your wallet, the custodian has a chance to recover your funds and figure out your identity. However, the saying goes... "Not your keys, not your wallet" With non-custodial wallets, you control the keys to the wallet. If you lose them, there is no getting it back. You are the sole custodian that proves you own the funds.

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There are many types of defi wallets. Each with their pros and cons. Without going into details, in terms of crypto, a wallet is as set of keys the proves ownership of an account.


There x ways to stake BCNA at this point in time. 3 are supported by and 1 by keplr. Note that you must operate in the BCNA native token for staking. There are x networks that CRO operates in.

  • Native BCNA token
  • x
  • x
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A requested service - Would you like a csv file of all your transactions? As long as you have delegation to our validator, we will send you a copy of Bitcanna transaction on the bitcanna chain. Just let us know in the comments with your address.



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